Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interview, meeting, interview, interview

OMG, I'm so excited. I have a big interview this morning, and then a lunch meeting at a place where I have two applications in, and then another interview this afternoon.

I am indeed SO excited! I've prepped well for both the interviews, and I feel fortunate to have been included as a member of the meeting. The meeting is to plan a youth conference--I was involved last year, but it never occurred to me that I'd be invited when unemployed.

Then tomorrow I have another interview, for which I had to prepare a 15 minute presentation. I did it this weekend, and it helped me prepare for the interview this morning. Totally awesome!

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Friday I looked at all I had to do before tomorrow and was slightly overwhelmed. Barely made it out, but when I did, I kicked ass and took names. I'm $738 richer, money I thought I'd forfeited by procrastination. I got three cute dresses that cost $75 total. I got my grandma a card, wrote it and mailed it. I called the doctor's office, who may have screwed me out of 3 months of medications by being slow and stupid.

Saturday and Sunday I got a great head start on my presentation, and on Sunday I went to two different pool parties. Escaped sunburn entirely. despite being outside for something like 7 hours. Returned the DVDs and neglected to make a hair appointment. Oh, but my driver's license came in the mail, and my picture was decent. I say this because I styled my hair that day, so as long as I do that tomorrow I should be fine.

So. Today:

• Turn presentation into a powerpoint document and practice several times.
• Email PDF of slides to the interviewers
• Prep for the two interviews I have tomorrow
• Iron my dress? Maybe.
• Accessorize the dress.
• Toenails? Maybe.
• Apply for that last job that I have to apply for by tomorrow. I don't love the job, so I'm having a hard time coming up with a good cover letter. I also suspect they'll be overly hardcore on the experience, which is supposed to be at a college level.

OK, off to the races.

Friday, May 27, 2011

OK, yesterday ended up being a bit of a bust. I started feeling sick and so canceled my drinks with friend and didn't finish the job application, go to the bank or write my grandma. I felt really ill! I did, however, get two emails about jobs. One setting up the interview for Tuesday, and one explaining more about the Skype interview on Wednesday. Looks like I get to create a 15-min presentation. Yay? Meh, I can do it. Gives me an excuse to get ready for two interviews at the same time!

What I will do today:
Go shopping for interview clothes
Make a hair appointment
Apply for other job (having a bit of writer's block on the cover letter)
Go to bank
Get card and stamp for Grandma.
Call Dr's office and make sure they did what I asked them to about my meds.

What I will do this weekend:
Make a powerpoint presentation, practice it and send slides to email so they can have them to follow along.
See my friend Karen, who will be in town.
File unemployment claim
Return DVDs to the library.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reflecting on yesterday, I certainly didn't do all I wanted to. Today I'm off to a decent start though.

What I did do yesterday:
Mow backyard
Make good, healthy food.
Get a phone call scheduling an onsite interview for a good job (!! YAY!!)
Take a nap
Watch a movie

What I have done today so far:
Had breakfast
Killed a gargantuan spider
Mowed the front yard
Begun a job application

What I will do today
Finish the job application
Schedule the interview
Meet up with a friend for drinks

What I hope to do today
Find a new outfit to wear to my upcoming job interviews
Go to the bank
Write my grandma

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Schedule today is going to be hard to do. I'm already behind! Slept 10 hours last night, had bizarre dreams that included Tom Selleck, and am due to go to a fundraiser breakfast in...oh, 8 minutes. Chances are I won't be on time, don't you think?

Anyway, I'll try to come back and write the schedule after breakfast.

OK, back from breakfast. (I got a bear claw and a loaf of bread and just hightailed it out of there)

This morning I will compile a list of the jobs available that I can apply for. I plan to apply for 2 of them.

This afternoon I will attempt to go to the AT&T store to see what my options are for getting a new phone. The one I inherited from my friend a while back is now falling apart, which isn't ideal. Not sure if I should bother getting a smart phone, since I have my little iPod touch. As long as I've got wifi, it's everything I need!

Now a quick brainstorm of things I need to do otherwise. It would be good to have something to come back to when I'm stumped.

Mow the lawn
Weed the garden
Plant the garden (Shamefully behind on this!)
Figure out storage for books. Ikea? I need someone's input on my house layout. I'm no good at that sort of thing.
Clean all the things.
(Specifically, get to the point where I can actually dust and clean floors, because I have dust-bunnies galore. I keep bitching about them and not doing anything about it)
Change the air filters
Put suitcases up in the attic
Write Grandma.

Uh, I'm sure there are other things.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today's schedule:

7:30, leave to go to the state legislature to go to the senate's appropriation hearing. They're discussing the budget, which actually means they're going to (hopefully only try to) defund Planned Parenthood. Evil shit going down there!

8:30 Senate hearing

12:30 Look for Maria, who will be there to protest defunding cutting Smart Start funding by 20%. (What is this state coming to??)

Not sure when I'll return. But when I get back, I have a couple of jobs to apply for.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Back from the dead, I am.

Nobody much blogs anymore do they? Facebook and IRC have taken over my blogging time, not to mention that whole job thing.

Oh, job? Why yes, thanks for asking!

I don't have one. Nope. My organization closed its doors last week, victim of piss poor management after the director left.

Thankfully, I saw the writing on the wall and began looking about a month ago, when they cut my hours back to 80% of full time. So far I've applied for 6 positions and gotten interviews for 4 of them. The last two are at the same organization, and they haven't invited anyone in yet. I have connections at all the places, so I'm not entirely in the dark about what's going on. One position was a stretch (at best) and I didn't get the job, which is fine. The other 5 I'm still in the running for, and are great fits with my experience.

So there's the backstory.

Now for the meat of this post. I'm bored and unmotivated. I've been like this for a while, actually, but with work I didn't have to worry about the boredom except on weekends. Now every day is a weekend. That's what I'm here to change.

I need structure. When I was last unemployed, I did tons of projects and it was fun, if stressful because of money. I have projects I could do now, but I'm lacking this motivation, which sucks. This is why I am going to put some structure in my life, and this blog is what's going to keep me honest.

Here's the plan, which I will likely revise as time goes on.

Wake up
Drink coffee, check FB, computer fun. (One hour)
Blog my schedule
Make dinner

Here's my schedule for Day 1:

8-8:30 Shower
8:30-9:30 House cleaning
9:30-11 Get driver's license renewed.
11-12:30 Make and eat lunch, do dishes.
12:30-3 Look for jobs and apply
3-5 Garden

Garden in the afternoon isn't ideal, because it's going to be hot, but it's wet out there right now.

OK, ¡Adelante, Stew!