Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long time no see

This is a list entry.

New awesomeness has happened over the last year, such that I'm in preparation at the moment to arrange MY OWN HOUSE such that MY BOYFRIEND can MOVE IN in two weeks.

Which means I need a plan. The house is kind of in total disarray, and I want him to have his own space here. And I need to make that so it can happen.

Edited 3/19/10

  • Kitchen: all the normal stuff to clean. Dishes, etc.
  • Laundry: ditto the above
  • Living room: get the seedling setup going (for once! jeeze!), straighten up
  • Den: Wood goes outside. Tools get put away, crap gets picked up. Curtains get re-installed. Carpet gets vacuumed.
  • Bathroom: sweep, put away stuff on counter, clean counter, make room in a few drawers
  • Bathroom #2: sweep, wipe counters
  • Guest room: Move camping stuff out of closet to attic
  • Office: make room in closet for M, clean, remove extra crap, put up curtain rod and curtain
  • Bedroom: move out of season clothes to guest room, clean out drawers, sweep and vacuum, wash sheets, etc. Move lamp and put other bedside table, well, bedside.
I'm sure there's more. There's a ton more to do for the frikkin' garden, too. Time to get a move on!