Monday, May 30, 2011

Friday I looked at all I had to do before tomorrow and was slightly overwhelmed. Barely made it out, but when I did, I kicked ass and took names. I'm $738 richer, money I thought I'd forfeited by procrastination. I got three cute dresses that cost $75 total. I got my grandma a card, wrote it and mailed it. I called the doctor's office, who may have screwed me out of 3 months of medications by being slow and stupid.

Saturday and Sunday I got a great head start on my presentation, and on Sunday I went to two different pool parties. Escaped sunburn entirely. despite being outside for something like 7 hours. Returned the DVDs and neglected to make a hair appointment. Oh, but my driver's license came in the mail, and my picture was decent. I say this because I styled my hair that day, so as long as I do that tomorrow I should be fine.

So. Today:

• Turn presentation into a powerpoint document and practice several times.
• Email PDF of slides to the interviewers
• Prep for the two interviews I have tomorrow
• Iron my dress? Maybe.
• Accessorize the dress.
• Toenails? Maybe.
• Apply for that last job that I have to apply for by tomorrow. I don't love the job, so I'm having a hard time coming up with a good cover letter. I also suspect they'll be overly hardcore on the experience, which is supposed to be at a college level.

OK, off to the races.