Friday, May 27, 2011

OK, yesterday ended up being a bit of a bust. I started feeling sick and so canceled my drinks with friend and didn't finish the job application, go to the bank or write my grandma. I felt really ill! I did, however, get two emails about jobs. One setting up the interview for Tuesday, and one explaining more about the Skype interview on Wednesday. Looks like I get to create a 15-min presentation. Yay? Meh, I can do it. Gives me an excuse to get ready for two interviews at the same time!

What I will do today:
Go shopping for interview clothes
Make a hair appointment
Apply for other job (having a bit of writer's block on the cover letter)
Go to bank
Get card and stamp for Grandma.
Call Dr's office and make sure they did what I asked them to about my meds.

What I will do this weekend:
Make a powerpoint presentation, practice it and send slides to email so they can have them to follow along.
See my friend Karen, who will be in town.
File unemployment claim
Return DVDs to the library.