Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Schedule today is going to be hard to do. I'm already behind! Slept 10 hours last night, had bizarre dreams that included Tom Selleck, and am due to go to a fundraiser breakfast in...oh, 8 minutes. Chances are I won't be on time, don't you think?

Anyway, I'll try to come back and write the schedule after breakfast.

OK, back from breakfast. (I got a bear claw and a loaf of bread and just hightailed it out of there)

This morning I will compile a list of the jobs available that I can apply for. I plan to apply for 2 of them.

This afternoon I will attempt to go to the AT&T store to see what my options are for getting a new phone. The one I inherited from my friend a while back is now falling apart, which isn't ideal. Not sure if I should bother getting a smart phone, since I have my little iPod touch. As long as I've got wifi, it's everything I need!

Now a quick brainstorm of things I need to do otherwise. It would be good to have something to come back to when I'm stumped.

Mow the lawn
Weed the garden
Plant the garden (Shamefully behind on this!)
Figure out storage for books. Ikea? I need someone's input on my house layout. I'm no good at that sort of thing.
Clean all the things.
(Specifically, get to the point where I can actually dust and clean floors, because I have dust-bunnies galore. I keep bitching about them and not doing anything about it)
Change the air filters
Put suitcases up in the attic
Write Grandma.

Uh, I'm sure there are other things.