Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Penny Wise

I just spewed about 6 straight comments to Jamie's blog when she wasn't looking. That means I needed to write something up here so that I can get all the things out that I need to say!

I'm really excited these days about what is going to be happening at home; I have fun plants in, I got a lawnmower, I've got another Eat Local Challenge coming up. This time it's a week-long adventure on a budget. People always say it's too expensive to eat locally these days, but I'm thinking it's not as bad as they say. Jamie is using a $144 for 2 people budget. I guess that puts me at $72 for the week. I can do it! I'll exempt spices and coffee, but everything else will be LOCAL. Since I'm going to be at work for lunch I have a feeling it will be tough to do, but I'll survive.

I had a ton of fun at SUPERCOMPARE; among other things, I bought some locally produced corn meal masa to prepare for the week. I've got ideas about what to make for the week; my protein will be almost all egg and cheese and milk. Bread is doable, as are veggies. I have a feeling that my lunches will be egg-salad sandwiches (homemade mayo, y'all....)

I'm going to be getting some of my produce from my friend Maria's garden; I hope to barter for it. The KILO of NC-produced masa I bought for $2 will go to two things; pupusas on Monday when Jamie is here and I'll also make some fresh corn tortillas the way the Mayan women showed me. I'm thinking anyone would be willing to trade their excess asparagus and arugula and frozen serranos for homemade tortillas, right? Thanks Maria!

Really, I'm overjoyed.

Jamie is bring her doggo; I've been needing some doggie cuddles. I hope Silver puts up with me!