Tuesday, April 17, 2007

She's got it, alright!

People, we have a crisis on our hands, and I need YOU to help.

See this cutie??
She had part of that brown ear taken off recently.

(loud whisper) CANCER

Her name is Moxie, and she's my friend Ols's fave doggerson. I'm thinking that a dog that is THIS cute....

....really needs a lot of people and other doggies and kitties ON HER SIDE to make it through.

Are y'all up for it? Can you get behind loving up for the clear post-surgical recovery of a handi-capable* dog in an Elizabethan collar??

All's you gotta do is think about MOXIE. Tell your animal companions about Moxie. She's a winner, darn it. Hug your dogs and cats, Folks.

Here's what Ols has to say about Moxie's condition:

I think that she is going to be fine. Her ear reconstruction looks great, hardly noticeable -- perhaps a little bit smaller, but the doc did an amazing job. She is totally normal, healthy as a horse, so I am very confident that whatever it was, it was locally invasive and they got it right out.

We love her!

*Ols's words here