Thursday, March 27, 2008

My life doesn't exist anymore. Or else it's hiding.

It's barely 9 a.m., and I'm already having a shit day.

When I got to work and opened up my palm software, there were no entries on the calendar. At. All. They were there last night before I left. I have no idea what happened between then and now.

Then, I decided to sync because my handheld probably still had the data on there, right? (I didn't look first.) This then resulted in all of my data being wiped off of the handheld.

My LIFE is on there. I have no idea where to even begin to try and see if there's any way I can recover this data. The Palm software support help area seems to say no. There is, however, an archive that has some of the appointments on there, but really very few.

I am NOT looking for anyone to troubleshoot for me. In fact, DON'T. If I want help I'll ask later, but for now I just want to rant.

In 10 minutes I'm meeting with my boss, who keeps a paper calendar and who has been known to put her nose up a bit at the electronic systems because she thinks they're unreliable. She's going to want to know what I have planned, and I seriously have no idea. I'll be spending today recreating my schedule from emails. I'll have to ask her when we're next meeting, however.

I'm not at all happy, kiddos.