Saturday, March 29, 2008

Visit visit

Mumma and Pedro are here. We're eating really well. Watt's* for lunch, grilled steak and salad at home for dinner (I had just cheese, apple and bread.), almond croissants for breakfast, Piedmont for dinner tonight....


*I had a slightly bizarre experience with the burger at Watt's. It came bloody rare (as in exploded onto me at first bite and then bled copiously onto the bun), so I sent it back, asking for medium. In what may have been a fit of pique, the kitchen brought it back to me entirely gray throughout, dry and hard to swallow. On the one hand, how marvelous to have a restaurant able to cook their burgers rare for those that want it that way (they didn't ask me how I wanted it). On the other hand, WTF? Medium is NOT rock hard.