Thursday, March 20, 2008


Recently for work I've been using some creative cheapness skills to find free or very reduced magazine subscriptions and educational brochures for the waiting room. I just got a free subscription to Oprah. If anyone wants a link, gmail me (lastewie) and I'll pass it on.

I first began cultivating these deal-finding skills back in the almost prehistoric era of the World Wide Web, when the Internet was still pretty new and residential high-speed was limited at best.

I had some places that I used to haunt, and to some extent I still find ways to get a heads up on good bargains online. More than anyplace else, I lurked over here. I never much frequented the forums, but going back there now I see some good stuff. Back in those days, marketers were just starting to try to appeal to people who were online, so you could get some pretty outlandish (and random) things. T-shirts, food, tea, whatever. I guess you still can.

Anyway, want a free rosary? (I don't)
Dial antibacterial deodorant soap?

By the way, tomorrow is Free Iced Coffee day at Cristin's favorite, Dunkin' Donuts.
Oops. One last thing I didn't mention is that you have to make sure you have your facts straight. DD is not doing this promotion in 2008. Whoops!

But here's another old-school favorite that I hear never goes out of style.