Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So...I continue to think about getting a house. Scratch that, BUY a house.

One idea that's come up has been cohousing. There are actually a fair number of intentional communities in the area, but none in Raleigh. I mention Raleigh because I'm thinking more and more about the 50+ miles I drive each workday. Ouch. Anyway, looking here the only real opening in an intentional community I was able to find in Durham has a house up for sale at $435K. No.

There's another that has no openings at all, and a third that is in its infancy. Looking at this latter one, Footpath, I don't see much commitment to affordability. At least not yet. I've registered on their site and posted to the forum about it, so we'll see.

Carrboro has more options, but again, no room at the inn, ironically. One wouldn't even allow me (AGEIST!), and anyway it's just a gleam in its elderly parents' eyes still. There are two more. One has no openings, and with the other I can't tell from the webpage. Pacifica, the one where I can't tell, offers the most reasonable possibilities for me. There are both 610 sq ft units and 900ish sq ft units. Small, but doable. And affordable, at ~110K and ~145K respectively. Living in Carrboro would add another 20 miles round trip to my commute though.

The final option, in Pittsboro, has a house for sale. It's cheap enough (ok, not CHEAP, but potentially), but the house is your proverbial Money Pit. And Pittsboro is likely to be an even longer drive to work.


But still, I'm very excited by the concept.