Friday, March 21, 2008

EMILY DON'T LOOK!!! Blah Blah Blah Half-Double Crochet


Ok, it's safe.

Emily, go home. Scat!

I've been making what I hope will turn out to be a fab felted bag for my sweet Emily's birthday. I wonder how old she is turning this year? Hm. Good question. Eh, doesn't really matter. I was just wondering.

Anyhoo, the bag's mass (as you can see above) is row after row after row of single crochets, which gets really old really quickly. Mind you, I began this bag just a week ago at Michele's going away party. (Sniff!) So that's pretty good progress. I have at least a week to go on it (depending on whether I actually get this to Emily on time or not!), so I think I'm good.

So this morning I got out of the house (for once!!) and went to a local coffee shop over on 9th street. I played around a little with making some flowers from my favorite (and only) crochet instructional book. That necessitated actually following a pattern a learning a few new stitches. The pattern following got quite a bit off target, but I am really glad I know a bit more about the stitches versus actual terminology. There are some basic stitches I apparently didn't know, yet thought I did. I was doing something entirely different. Ah well. Who knows what those stitches are called?! (Sorry, Jamie. I did wrong by time I see you I'll teach you right.)

Back on track. The flower's a bit poofy for my taste--supposedly it's a chrysanthemum. The yarn is thrifted, and really really rough wool. I wonder if it's meant for tapestry? I'm pretty sure that felting it will take very little time relative to the body of the bag. I think I'll felt the flower apart from the bag and then hook it on somewhere.

The rest of the day today:
Lemon Pound Cake
Pick up car from oil change
Maria's house for an equinox party. With a bonfire. That's going to rock.