Monday, July 9, 2007

Week 3: how to eat locally at work, reprise

These days, the only meal I can be sure will be well-balanced is lunch. I guess I'm more of a lunch eater than most. When I get home from work the LAST thing I want to do is cook. I end up noshing pickles. Or chips. Or cheese and crackers. Or, well, you get the drift.

So. I'm taking a few liberties with One Local Summer, and will be occasionally blogging lunch instead of dinner. It also serves, I think, to show that you don't have to be physically at home with all the dishes/cooking implements/etc. to eat healthily, with strong happy flavors. I only have a microwave for cooking!

This time, I planned a little bit better. No hodgepodge soup for me today. Nope.

I'm hungry already and it's only 11 a.m. It might be because on my desk, equalizing to room temperature, one can find a plate with tomatoes from Rougemont, NC(20 miles), fresh mozz from the Chapel Hill Creamery (17 miles), potatoes from somewhere in NC, green beans from my garden, and last summer's pesto, thanks to my friend Marianne. What I packed from the kitchen to go to lunch: two potatoes, a spoonful of pesto from the freezer, a tomato, a shallot, the green beans, and a hunk of cheese. On the way out I walked past the garden and pulled a few beets (Was thinking of making greens, too. I may still do that for a snack later on, since I had lunch so EARLY). I snipped the top off of a basil plant and tossed some dill in the bag for good measure. In other words, I just packed ingredients.

Wanna see my lunch today? (Sorry about the lack of focus. I'm good at that. Heh.)

The grapevine tells me I've become somewhat of a gossip target at work. "Jenny's cooking again!"