Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Local Summer Meal #1

I've not made a local meal yet this week! Normally I'd use the weekend to make a nice, gorgeous meal out of the locally sourced ingredients I've been gathering. But...I'm going out of town. Tomorrow!!! Which means I need to make a meal....TODAY!

I warned Liz that I'd probably be going out into the garden and eating straight off of the plants for some of these entries. I'm just so bad at meals.

So. I'm preparing it right now. It's gonna be lunch. But I promise my dinner will be like, an ice-cream sandwich and some diet Coke. Much less conducive to a change for local ingredients!

On the Lunch Menu:
Garden Vegetable soup

Water (from the office water cooler. Sadly, I'm not sure this is local. But the tap tastes like absolute nasty horrid industrial waste at the office. I drink tap at home)
Salt (condiment exemption)
Pepper (condiment exemption)
Running onions (Garden. 0 miles)
Green Beans (Garden. 0 miles)
Yellow Squash (Garden. 0 miles)
Beet (Garden. 0 miles.)

If I'd planned I'd have been able to add my chicken base as seasoning, along with some garden greens such as swiss chard and sorrel and some herbs. But NOooooooooooo. I had to wait until the very last minute to make my meal! And have to make do with what I have!

Boil the water in the office microwave. Cram in the veggies as best as possible. Let boil until the beans are done to your liking. Everything else will be mush, but that's fine.


Cucumber "Salad"

Cucumbers. Sliced. Salt. Pepper. Onion.

1) Good soup!
2) Homegrown cucumbers don't really need anything on them to be tasty.
3) Next time? Don't be so spartan.
4) Stew? Learn to plan. K? Thanks.

p.s. sorry no camera still!