Friday, July 6, 2007

Another day, another diagnosis

Finally had my doctor's appointment I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I did my homework and went through the blog to check out what I'd written about depression/anxiety, how often, and when. Brought that in and was SO PREPARED!

In addition to tweaking my meds a bit for that, my doctor started asking me some other questions that seemed unrelated.

Did I procrastinate?
Um, yeah.

Am I messy?

Do I lose things?
Why, yes, just this morning. And last week. And....

The questions went on and on, getting more specific.

(My favorite: What happens when you do cocaine? Uhhhhhhhh...I have no idea.)

Anyone who has talked to me at length will know that I get distracted at the drop of a hat. And that I start projects and then lose interest. But then I also have times when I can do nothing BUT concentrate. Like when I get so focused on birds that I don't hear my boss talking about the meeting we're walking to. I live by my calendar. If it's not in there, it's not in my mind.

In retrospect, considering my sister and father and nephew have all been all diagnosed with the variations on the theme, it shouldn't have surprised me that I have a sluggish cognitive tempo thing happening here.

Anyhoo, THIS is what I get to work on now. That's the good news. We have an idea of what we can try.

The bad news: Most of the first line of battle medicines are contraindicated for people with one of my other fascinating brain issues. So none of this or this. We dont want me having a seizure!

Instead we'll try a couple of the more inventive ways to start out. If they don't work, then I get to call in the neurologist to work with the psychiatrist to figure out where to go. That might be here.

I'm feeling kind of weirded out by this.