Monday, July 9, 2007

How to peel a tomato without a boiling water dip

I have a tomato here that I decided would be extra decadent without peel on it. I don't often take the time to peel tomatoes. Actually, the only time I typically DO peel tomatoes is when my grandma is going to eat them. She's picky. :-)

Having a particular grandmother, however, has led to me knowing how to quickly peel a tomato without losing all the flesh or cooking it to mush. Face it. A summer tomato is much better raw, so all those silly people who advise a quick dip into boiling water are kind of stupid. And anyway, who wants to heat up a pan of water just to peel a lousy tomato?

Here's how you do it.

Get a butter knife. Using the DULL side, rub the skin semi-firmly. Doing this to a summer-ripe tomato will loosen the skin substantially. I bet it has to do with breaking cellular bonds or some other scientific crap like that.

Secondly, get a sharp knife. Very carefully, make a shallow incision into the skin. Doesn't matter all that much where you start.

Switch back to the butter knife. Beginning with the incision you made, slowly pull the skin from the tomato. It won't slide off like if you put it in boiling water, but it will be juicy and raw and slurpy.

Slightly harder, but way worth it, in my opinion. And it probably takes less time to do for a small job.

If you're canning? Use the hot water method.