Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Just a quick break to say I found out that Phil is living about 5 blocks from my office. I walked to his place for lunch today. Crazy!

Oh, and I spent a good deal of time today so far rounding up enough new pencils to fill an ENTIRE shoe boxed size container. I am awash in office supplies, especially crafty ones. I have lots of glitter glue here, as well as enough paint to keep an entire first-grade classroom happy for at least a week. Considering at my last similar job I used paint with the kids exactly ONE time, that's a lot of paint to keep in my office.

I've been thinking more and more about the garden, and I'm realizing that it would do me right to actually make the beds this weekend if at all possible. It's going to be close to impossible to do it alone, though. Anyone want to come over and help out? Especially if you have a car/truck that can handle long boards. We can make it a party!

Usually when I research something I know little about I get frustrated by a lack of consensus. Internet Person A says that you should make a bed 12 inches deep. Internet person B says 24 inches. What's that saying? Something about opinions as compared to the number of assholes? Hm.

I also get overwhelmed when there are too many steps. I read one site today that said you should let black plastic kill the grass where you'll be installing the beds, and that I should have done it back in August. Greaaat. Another place said I should not only use compost/soil/sand/clay/loam/peat/moss/bonemeal/woodash as my growing medium, but that I also should be digging 16' down into the ground to loosen up the soil.

You know what? I can't do all of that. I am too ADD or something. I was planning on getting some boards, nailing them together, and dumping in a load of compost from the city right on top of the grass, with a liner of wire mesh and MAYBE weed controlling fabric.

See, that is much better. Interesting to notice. If a plan seems complicated I freak out a little. If I can just DO it without a plan, it might not be perfect (or even get finished but I will have enjoyed myself. Like the time I sewed myself a top out of a pillowcase. I messed it up, but with a couple of creative tucks here and there, I was able to change it into a very cute toddler dress, with a ruffle and all!

I can't follow a pattern to save my life. Not a sewing pattern and not a crochet pattern. All of those little abbreviations scare me. If someone SHOWS me a few stitches, though, I'll combine them in different ways, and play around with it. Eventually I either come up with something cool or I get frustrated and put it down.

Plans constrain me. Just so you know.