Monday, March 10, 2008

Wakin' up is hard to doooooo

Anyone else entirely wasted from this time change? I couldn't drag my ass out of bed at 6 a.m. as has been my norm for the last 6 weeks or so. That's partly because the grow lights are going on and off 30 minutes later than before the switch to DST. The timer is confusing. I need to remedy that.

So tired am I that I just read my sweet Maria's blog thinking it was Maggie's. The comments I left on Maria's blog are actually quite hilarious--I say my piece and then comment again once I've realized my mistake, and then comment again because of yet another mis-reading, and then finally tell Maria why I got confused with Maggie. They actually are quite similar. Since Maria is one of my favorite people ever, it leaves no doubt in my mind that I'm going to need to meet Maggie soon. Hi Maggie!!

My friend Ols FINALLY sent me a picture of her--she's pregnant and radiant. I think all pregnant women are, to a large extent, but Ols is really something else, man. Love her!

I've been spending a ton of time weighing my options for a mini-vacation over Memorial Day Weekend. I'll be working the entire weekend before that, so I'll have Friday afternoon through Wednesday free. I just paid off my credit cards (WOOT!) from when I was unemployed, but that leaves me without much cash. Here are the places I'm considering: San Francisco to visit Ols, but she'll be really near her due date. Still, I haven't seen her in FOUR YEARS (unless her wedding was after the last time I visited her when she lived in San Diego. I can't remember). But still. WAY tooo long. Also: Portland. Another good friend I haven't seen, JJ, lives there and is jockeying for me to go. And of course our dear XTA is there as well. Georgia has been my default mini-vacation spot, and so of course I've thought about going there. Charleston has my friend Nicole, DC has Marco, and I'm positive I've considered other places. (Oh, right: birding somewhere out west, alone. Only I need a place to stay for free or else I can't go. I'm sure I could stay with my Uncle Mike in Arizona. That would be good birding for sure.) Or Mexico? Or camping?

Anyhoo, if you can think of someplace I can go for cheap (Mom, I'm eliminating Michigan only because I always go there.), please let me know.

Wanna weigh in on what YOU think my best option would be? And is there any place I'm forgetting?