Saturday, March 8, 2008


Quizzes bring out even the least-commenty of commenters!

Last night I actually interacted with someone! A friend of mine I hadn't spent much time with recently asked if I wanted to do something this weekend. I've been being pretty introverted/self-absorbed/hermit-like outside of work, preferring my own company to that of others. My inclination when asked to do something (especially at night) is to say no. I don't much like going out to bars, and I don't much like having people over these days. The tendency of my friends to have cats also pretty much rules out visiting them, also. If I want to breathe, that is.

My plans for the evening had been to stay in and cook up a storm for my sweet Pinky, her husband, and the peanut. I still haven't met him, but that's on the horizon for Sunday. So despite really not wanting to interact with others, I invited my friend over for dinner, since I was already planning a slew of food.

He brought a couple of types of fantastic IPAs and some flowers for me!! The flowers really touched me. I haven't gotten flowers from anyone in a few years. And that was from my mom.

I was extremely surprised to find myself having fun. Imagine that.

Today is a book-swap, then a sweet 16 party, and then hanging with my friend Suze, who's back in town after a month in Michigan.