Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A couple of things I did yesterday

Many thanks to all the well-wishers who called/emailed/texted/IMed/posted blog entries/sent cards/gifts and/or wrote on my Facebook wall yesterday!

Despite the unexpected inability to spa myself (to repeat a coined phrase), I made do and had a beautiful day. I spent most of it outside (68ºF anyone? And sunny? With late-day showers? Bliss) prepping one of my garden beds and planting peas and lettuce. There was lots of digging and a surprising amount of sweat. According to Next Door Neighdog's dad, there's a bunny around that's likely the cause of all my remaining swiss chard and some of my broccoli leaves getting eaten down to nubs. Hence the fencing attempt. Here's hoping!

Then I made a sour-cherry and rum sorbet, because who doesn't need that?

The last part of the day was going out to eat with my sweet Emily and snarfing a goodly amount of sirloin, baked potato and salad. She also made me my cake--a gorgeous lemon pound cake that I will begin to eat now. It freezes really well. Heh.

Note: Art is doing well and is at home. He called me yesterday while I was digging, and sang me an inpromptu version of Happy Birthday he made up on the fly. He's got a great voice. Also sangs: Mumma, Annie, the nephews, and probably others as well. :-)