Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And all that jazz...

I scheduled a haircut/pedi for Saturday a.m.

My mom canceled one of the landlines at her house. I'm surprised to be mourning it. It had been the family line since about 1982. She kept the number she'd been using for the past 10 years or so for her business. I never learned that number.

I keep wounding myself in my sleep. Last night I drew blood with a scratch under my chin. I also have a scratch on my left hand (crook of the thumb). My nails are not long.

Yesterday, in front of all the staff at work, I managed to smoke out the entire second floor of our office building with a cookie-in-microwave incident. It was way worse than the burned-est popcorn you've ever seen. Billows. BILLOWS! Despite my greatest fears, no sprinklers went off, nor was the fire department involved.

I continue frequent, near daily, communication with Former Crush. It's nice.

My new crochet project has begun. It involves plastic grocery bags cut into yarn. The yarn-making process needs to be refined. I may need to look up how to on a website.

I'm juggling all sorts of different crafty/homey projects these days. My guess is that few will be finished.

I've made no progress whatsoever on the knitting. I keep ripping it out because I can't seem to make even stitches.

An appeal to our neighborhood association listserv has resulted in more bagged leaves for compost than I'll (hopefully) ever need.

If you'd asked me in 1987 if I'd ever have a compost pile, especially if the question came while I was turning ours, I'd have said "Hell NO!" Now I'm envious remembering the quality of that compost.

Planting this weekend will include: radishes, carrots and beets. I'll be monitoring the weather and using a clear plastic tarp and chicken wire setup to fake a greenhouse if necessary.

That's it.