Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last second

The grant is due in hand on Friday by 5 p.m. at an address located in the city where I work. It's 95% done. My job at this point is to copy, hole punch, collate and double check that all the I's are crossed and the T's dotted.

I'm out at a high school all day tomorrow. There are a few documents that need to be notarized before they can be included in the application; our ED is doing that part. The last piece of the puzzle will be complete on Friday morning, when our board chair is available to sign something. Then the ED will hand deliver the application, and we'll be done with it.

I'm not happy with the budget; I had some say as to what was included, but in order to make it fit the amount we can be awarded, the ED cut some areas. I can understand some of her changes, but I'd have re-allocated things a bit differently. For the most part it's OK, but there's one expense related to program marketing that I am definitely annoyed was left out. I'm pretty sure, however, that we can tweak things around if we get awarded the grant.

I have other concerns about the content as well, but the ED is done with it and just wants to turn it in--and she has said this in no uncertain terms. My issue is that there are significant tasks in there that will be my responsibility that I a) didn't know about until this morning and b) will have to negotiate if we get the grant, cause there's just no way I can do it all on top of what I'm currently doing. We'll have to have that conversation later on, I suppose. I'm not glad that I didn't get to give her feedback on the new information. I have questions and some very strong opinions about doing things slightly differently, but in effect, I've been silenced.

(ED. My part is done. Six copies are collated and put into binders.)