Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A bit more normal now, but please let me have another liter or so of water, ok?

Oh my, did I wake up feeling nasty this morning. Thanks New Year's Eve! (In reality: "Thanks, Stew, for drinking those last two glasses of prosecco that tipped you over the comfort zone right before bed AND a huge cup of strong coffee that kept you from sleeping!")

Laurie came over last night for a slumber party!! We hadn't ever met before, so it was truly courageous on her part to hike 45 min to an hour away.

I made dinner--local, of course. Baked rainbow trout with my garden's still-surviving dill and sorrel, green salad with butter lettuce from some hydroponic place around here somewhere, with added carrot, arugula and some other unidentified lettuces from the tub-o-greens I have growing and then a homemade (kind of messed up, but tasty!) cherry-crisp with some Maple View Farms cream whipped up on it. Please note that when I take pictures these days, I resort to some extreme body and laptop contortions in order to do so. I wish I had a picture of me taking pictures of this dinner with the built in laptop camera.

Laurie also introduced me last night to an uber-local (to her) brew: Old Town Brown Ale. Rowr.

We traded seeds. Totally fun. Actually, it felt more like I took seeds from Laurie while she either already had or didn't need the ones I had to offer her. At the same time, it also felt like we were participating in a ritual that we'd done before, only as different women, many years ago. That sounds hokey to me, reading what I just wrote, but I really did feel a pang of connection to a long tradition. Maybe it's just a good imagination on my part. I've got my work cut out for me to try to fit all of these new veggies into my small space!

I had a fab time, and am thrilled to have met our Miss Laurie!