Sunday, January 13, 2008


I went outside just now to take in my roommate's coat, which he'd left on the porch.

Attuned as I am to bird sounds, I was surprised to hear a bunch of cheeping. Until....SHAZAM! There I saw a raptor of some sort, wanting to nibble some sparrow giblets. S/he landed, facing me for a moment, and I got a decent look at the breast and belly. Then I crept back in for my binocs to get a better look. There was much rustling around over in the NE corner of my backyard, where there's an overgrown tree stump covered in briars. Perfect sparrow habitat.

Soon it flew out of my yard, over past the neighbors house. I saw it in flight and was able to confirm the ID as a Cooper's Hawk.

New yard bird, people. Cool.