Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Day I Get Things Done

Today is going to be dedicated to Getting Things Done. I don't use the time management techniques of the same name, though maybe I should. I just need to Get Some Things Done today.

My friend Emily uses to-do lists in a fantastic fashion. She writes down the Things She Wants To Get Done, does them, and crosses them off. Very easy. I, on the other hand, tend to just think and think and think and think, worry and worry and worry and worry, all the while doing nothing or very little about it until the situation is dire.

I primed myself last night, psyching myself up to do the Things I Need To Get Done, cheering myself on, making an action plan in my head, and setting the alarm bright and early to do it.

Here's the list for today. I'm also going to physically write them down and cross them off as they happen. I've already begun to procrastinate. Coffee, think about what I need to do, decide to write a blog entry about it, put some clothes on, chat with Marc a little, spray some Psssst! on to get me presentable* before leaving the house to do one of the Things I Need To Do, etc.


Things I Need To Do
• Go get prescriptions filled
• Put my shoes away.
• Put my clean clothes away
• Gather my dirty clothes
• Wash my dirty clothes
• Put my now clean clothes away
• Clean my room beyond just getting the clothes put away
• Other stuff that I haven't listed yet.

OK, now GO! GO Stew! Brush out that dry shampoo and head out to the drugstore!

*I didn't shower yesterday. I haven't showered today yet. We've discussed my greasy-if-not-washed-daily hair before. You can imagine what the hair seems like to me today. So I opted for the dry shampoo crutch for now. No sense showering in order to clean, right? I suppose I don't mind the little flakes of powder that will remain behind. I will turn them into absurdist joy, much as my sister does for hairnets. Aside: Talking to my mother the other day on the phone while walking to pick up some lunch, I came across a hairnet dangling from a tree that had low branches. I decided it was an auspicious sign.