Sunday, November 11, 2007

More than one way to skin a cat!

My dear Suzanne called me for a pick-me-up trip out to a strip mall. She seemed to know that a pedicure would be the way back on track.

And an eyebrow waxing.
And a new cashmere sweater.
And hot chocolate.
And fixings for green bean casserole.

And major, major silliness.

Silliness runs in my family. When my sister went through a really hard time a few years ago (Cheating, lying asshole!), she also turned to the absurd for a little help. In her case it was hairnets. She always felt better when she would put on a hairnet and go out in public. Mostly she used the "invisible" kind, but I think that was just because she couldn't find a heavy duty one. I took care of that for her--we've got heavy duty hairnets down here. Thanks USPS.

I didn't know I was going to be silly today. But when I got into Suze's car, I noticed she had in her console some clear glasses that almost looked like Paris Hilton might wear, if they were tinted. But...strangely...they were clear. And left over from her man's trip onto a job site where he had worn them for protection. Heh.

I decided that I needed to wear them around. Suze called me Helga, at my request. I told the lady at Kohl's that I couldn't tell her my zip code.

I leef oat oof cowntry

I think I'd mentioned that I've reconnected with some old friends from college. One of them, a guy I'd always adored, is single. And kind of nearby. And funny.

And says things like this:

How does a volcano sign-off a letter?