Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Yesterday morning I got an organization-wide email suggesting we celebrate Thanksgiving by bringing in snack foods for everyone and noshing on them all day long today. Apparently nobody is expected to do anything tomorrow. Dammit. I had a whole slew of catch-up things to do, but now I guess I'll just be sitting around the conference room stuffing my face.

Then one of our employees told me that I'd be bringing the "Southern Sushi" that I made for our last thing like this. It's a pain in the ass to make, and I thought that was an eense presumptuous of her. And from further conversation, it seemed very clear that she just wanted food I made. She hadn't been planning on bringing anything herself (WTF?)

I mean, it's awesome that your coworkers like your food. But that was just bizarre.

Anyway, a bit later I nicely told her that she didn't have to think of anything to bring, because she could do the Southern Sushi! It's easy! It's just ham, cream cheese, and something pickled! Because I was bringing something different! YAY! I think I may have shamed her into bringing something.

(Cristin...I'm making layered taco dip, baby. Oh YEAH.)