Tuesday, November 13, 2007


25-year-old piercings should not ooze.

What exactly are plug-ins, and why don't they just come with instead of having to download them*? And then when you do download them why don't they work??

You know you spend too much time online when you try to watch current public TV programming on the computer instead of walking into the other room and turning on the TV.

Stuffing doesn't have to be Stove Top brand to be made on a burner.

I don't like the little bumps I have on the outside/bottom of my forearms. (I suspect they're just Keratosis Pilaris, which, though not a big deal, sounds rather ominous and gross. I want to pick at them. I won't. )

I'm really sick of having to majorly conserve water. I want a bath. And I want to water my veggies and cover crop.

OOOOOOOH! I have ONE cute little Brussels sprout and one eensy broccoli floret!!!

And tomatoes. They've not yet succumb to frost, believe it or not. Must be a microclimate thing.

I feel like I can't leave my house during the week. Once I get home, I'm home. If I can make it out before going home, I'm golden. I need to just not come home.

The display on the new computer is too shiny and glassy.

I fail at figuring most things out computer-wise; however, did you know you can scroll on a trackpad by using two fingers? I stumbled onto that feature.

*NB--I'm not looking for an answer to this question. I just want it to work. Is that so hard? No.