Friday, October 19, 2007

Seriously Twisted FUN!

Fair food I consumed:
Ham and swiss crepe--ew. It was hefty, though. Four large slices of lunchmeat ham, a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese (?!), and non-sweet crepe.
Lumpy's (sound) chocolate ice cream, one scoop in a waffle cone.
Roast Corn, sans Whirl WHIRL?
Lotsa Diet Coke.
Total cost: $13. The soda was free, because I was volunteering.

Fair food I did NOT consume:
Barbecue sundae
Fried Oreos
Fried Twinkies
Fried...anything! Good Stew!

Fair Food I considered consuming but then thought better of:
Funnel Cake (I may make it sometime soon at home. It's easy!)
Corn Dog (What if it's RED?)
Amish Liquorish (Don't want to pull my tooth out)

Neat link of the day: Whole Paycheck profiles some of the farms around the area on a blog. Check it out.

Best t-shirt of the day: Front--Naked and Hungry. Back: Where would you be without your farmer?

Coolest New Experience:
Finding the area where they display the winners of the "Non-livestock" competitions. Muffins, quilts, cakes, canned beans, and the like were all lined up in florescent-lit display cases. I usually just go for fair food and looking around, so I was glad to get to this.

The volunteering part was a lot better than I expected it to be. The setup was extremely high tech, and I think it was organized by corporate Whole Foods. Nobody I know has the resources to gather a computer projector, create an interactive game about eating locally, and make a slide show and large photos showcasing our local NC farmers. There was a scavenger hunt where you'd go around to all of the booths to get stickers (based on completing a question about the info there). As a reward, you got a very bright, green and yellow tie-died 2007 North Carolina State Fair t-shirt. Of course I did this. It'll make a great gardening shirt.

We handed out a kick-ass newsprint booklet organized by region and then county that listed all of the CSAs, Businesses selling local and organic foods and the farms producing the food. Some of the farmers stopped by. That was neat.

Sponsors of my booth: The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Slow Food Triangle, NCChoices, Heifer Intl, Whole Foods, CCCC, and maybe others I can't remember.