Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Overworked....(underpaid goes with the territory)

I wish I just didn't CARE about my job sometimes.

I'm on the edge these last couple of weeks. My schedule at work is really busy with normal responsibilities (October is apparently the crazy month for this position), and to top that off, I keep finding out about one-off activities (grant planning, fund raising events, receptions, day and night-long retreats, and homework for all of the above) that I'm required to do. It's hard to prioritize, since the regular work is what my performance review will be based on, but the other things are at the direct request of my boss, or else are really only things I have the particular expertise to do. I'm juggling all these things, and I'm sick. I feel like I can't skip out of anything even though I'm sick, because they're all. so. important. THE LIFE AND HEALTH OF THE ORGANIZATION AND MY CAREER DEPEND ON THESE THINGS!

Pardon me while I keel over, mmmkay? I've been on the verge of tears all day long.