Wednesday, October 31, 2007

But I don't have a fever!

Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday Jerry!

I'm laid up at home, barely functioning. I am able to be up out of bed for, oh, 10 minutes before feeling the need to crash back. I even walked up to town today, to pick up some soup at Whole Foods. I was hoping for chicken noodle. The choices were honey sweet potato (yuck) or chili. Not so much.

By the time I got up there I was a little panicked. I was woozy and in a cold sweat. I bought my goods,* ate the breakfast and took off for home, walking slowly and steadily, hoping not to pass out.

On the way home I made friends with Victor, a neighbor two streets down who was walking his 1.5 month old puppy named Pulgar. Pulgar's momma was a chihuahua, so this puppy, in addition to being too young to be out and about, was about 6 inches long. Victor was more comfortable speaking to me in Spanish than English. I just wanted to be home in bed.

The roommate is also sick, but his seems to be more of a cold. Mine is something different entirely. I mean, it fakes at being a cold--I'm coughing occasionally. But the extreme fatigue and dizziness make me wonder about the flu. No fever, but plenty of hot/cold flashes.

Another neighbor came by and dumped a ton of pills into a baggie to get roomie and I on the mend. They're some kind of vitamin/herb concoction, and you take, no shitting you, three enormous horse pills twice a day for three days. Quack Quack!

*one pack Tropical Emergen-C, tomato soup in tetrabrick, a roll, a can of Mango Fandango sparkling juice, and a hodgepodge of salad bar items I thought looked like they might be healthy. $9.33