Thursday, October 11, 2007


My time working our big fundraiser today has been pleasantly schmoozeful. There were several local "celebrities" in attendance, including the weather man (to whom I said "I feel like I've seen you before...?"), a very tall anchorwoman, a pro football player, and many, many socialites.

Since I'm nowhere near to running with that crowd, I didn't know any of them. I played along though. I'm a development director's best friend when it comes to the meet and greet. I also had the benefit of being in charge of the organization's camera, which made it easy to go up to people and make sure they were having fun.

I met a woman who is married to a friend's sister's ex-husband. (Follow that Nemoid?)

I saw a women I'd worked with before who encouraged me to apply for state funding from her office.

And I had a cute guy ask for my card. My coworkers were kind of jealous. See why?

p.s. Liberal cropping to minimize the appearance of my double chin left this photo slightly unbalanced. :-)