Saturday, October 27, 2007


This weekend is one of parties. I've been quite social on weekends these days, and last night I just couldn't make it out to a pumpkin-carving party I was supposed to go to. I'm getting a cold, so I was all tickly-throated, sniffy, stuffy, hot-eyed and rather on the miserable side. Nix on the trip to Carrboro just to cut pumpkin guts out.

And besides, I have another pumpkin-carving party to go to this afternoon. And then a Halloween party tonight.

I hit the farmer's market this a.m. and picked up some smoked* farmer's cheese from the Creamery, and some ground beef. I hadn't been to the market in ages (fell off the wagon after One Local Summer), so it was kind of creepy to see how sparse the offerings had become.

I was with New Roommate, and he talked me into going to the fairgrounds for some hot flea market action. But there wasn't a flea market going on so we went to my fave thrift store instead.

One men's XL Patagonia cashmere sweater (all the better to shrink you with, my dear!)
One pair of black, high-heeled Mary Janes.
One large, plush football.

On the way back we stopped by El Rey de la Comida for some staples (beer, milk, bar soap) and some treats (sugar cereal, IBC rootbeer--diet). I started to get light headed, as I hadn't eaten anything yet. It was almost 1 p.m.

Today it feels like I'm telling my story to convince myself that I do exist.

New Roommate prepared some chicken sausages to share while I stuffed my gourd with fritos and salsa.

I made a pasta salad based on one my mom used to make all the time. Rotini, olive oil, black olives, tomatoes, tuna, and then capers and caper juice. As a finishing touch, I chunked up that 1/2 lb of smoked farmer's cheese and tossed that in once the pasta cooled. It's really tasty. Full of umami goodness. Maybe it's the still-from-my-garden tomato chunks?

Speaking of my tomatoes, this recent 4 inches of rain (still not enough) has really messed with their poor little hides. Any tomato that was in the process of ripening is now bursting with large, fresh cracks from too much too quickly.

My bathroom ceiling leaked last night. I was afraid it was going to fall in. It didn't.

Wow this is a boring entry.

So what do you think I'm going to be for Halloween? There's at least one hint in this entry.

Off to shower and then clip my toenails.

*They get it smoked at the BBQ Joint.