Sunday, October 28, 2007

Should be fun

From an email I just got from the DJ...

Greetings boils and ghouls,

Tune in to WXDU tonight (10/28) to be terrorized by the most
frightfully good mix of 50s and 60s monster rock this side of
Transylvania! Put on your costume and pot up your radio dial to hear
blood curdling songs about mummies, vampires, Hindus on Hondas and
more! Its gonna be a graveyard smash!

N. Carolinians: listen locally at 88.7 FM. Out of staters: freak out
over the internet at!

Who's Got the Cuckoo?
8:30-9:30 PM
WXDU 88.7 FM
Durham, NC



I'm sick. Pounding head, stuffy nose, alternately cold and hot (but no measurable fever), plugged ears, sore throat, achy...wanting nothing but to sleep. I put off a trip to Greensboro to meet Joyce and Laurie, which, BOO, because it's high time we met, dangnabit.

I'm supposed to make a yellow birthday cake with whipped cream icing for a coworker who avoids all cake except that kind. I just called my boss at home, though, and begged out. Whew. Saved by the bell.