Thursday, September 27, 2007

Only drops to drink

Last week my city went to mandatory water restrictions, Level III, and I don't think they're strict enough. We still have people able to water grass twice a week. And any conservation measure that are inside the house are likely ignored in most cases. I'm cringing at the thought of dripping faucets and not-full loads of laundry going on.

In theory, we only have about 2-months worth of water supply left. Why are we not at LEAST on Level IV water conservation measures (Scroll down)? The only major difference, it seems to me, is the lawn watering. God that burns me up. It's GRASS.

I'm going to try to do a lot better than I have been. I mean, I've got some fantastic habits already, but I can certainly improve.

This morning I put a big ole Rubbermaid tub in the shower and stood in it. Got quite a bit of gray water that I'll use for flushing and watering the veggie garden. I stepped out of it when I soaped up, so the water kept going into the tub when it wasn't on my body. I suppose I could also begin taking those really minimalist showers turning off the tap except to rinse. Hm.

Here's what else I'm doing or at least trying to do:
--limit toilet flushing
--minimize water used for dishwashing by keeping a rinsing tub in the sink. Re-using that gray water for other stuff.
--no watering of the compost pile (which I haven't done for ages, anyway, but it's useful for getting the decomposition moving along)
--drinking beer (heh)

I don't really ever wash my car, so that's not an issue. Also I never water the grass (if you hadn't noticed me mentioning that previously), and I NEVER, EVER have "washed" the concrete. I don't have a pool.

I plan to check out that gray water site a little bit better to see what else I can do without retrofitting a whole new system. Meanwhile do y'all have any other suggestions?