Tuesday, August 28, 2007

World Without End

First communion? Yes.
Confirmation? No.
Current belief? No.

David, Maria's partner, grabbed me on Sunday when I came into the house for some water.

"Stew, are you catholic?"

"Um....kind of?"

"Tell me about the rosary"

So I did. I dug deep into my repressed conscious and pictured my mom's coral colored beads with their tarnished silver crucifix. I had them hanging on my wall in my last house. I wonder where they are now.

"Well, there's a bunch of beads, 10 in a row, and for each bead you say a Hail Mary. Then there's a space and you say some little prayer there that I don't remember. Then there's a bigger bead, and that's an Our Father. And then eventually when you get down to the cross, there're some other prayers you do. "

I was actually pretty impressed that I remembered that much. What really shocked me, though, is that David couldn't recite the Hail Mary at all.

Hailmaryfullofgracethelordiswiththee blessedartthouamongwomenandblessedisthefruitofthywombjesus holymarymotherofgodprayforussinnersnowandatthehourofourdeathamen

Never did it occur to me that only Catholics would really know that prayer.

So that piqued my curiosity...I looked up the rosary and was pretty fascinated at how complicated that particular ritual is. I just remembered it as a penance for the one time I confessed.

Image yoinked from here.