Monday, August 27, 2007

How did I not realize?

Did you realize that this upcoming weekend is Labor Day? I didn't until I got into work today. No wonder my family's been calling me nonstop! I'm heading up to visit them, which is guaranteed to be both rejuvenating and stressful all at once. WAHOOOO!

I spent yesterday digging around at Maria's house. We got her beds ready for the planting and swapped some seedlings. I had overbought on the brassicas, so the leftovers went to Maria and any of her friends who need them. In exchange, I walked out of there with a slew of her strawberries for the large strawberry pot I picked up via Freecycle, two cauliflower starts, a big ole' red pepper for the eating, and a baggie of arugula seeds. I really love bartering.

Saturday was market day and fall planting time. I ended up planting lettuce, mixed greens, carrots, two kinds of radishes, cabbages, brussels sprouts, walking onions, broccoli something else? I can't remember.

I think I have a date on Thursday with a man who in a former life ran an organic farm and started a CSA. So far he hasn't said "I seen" but just FYI, there are other things that I could use to immediately disqualify him but am not*. The other guy gave me the willies after the first email. And let's face it. I'm snobby about grammar.

*My point here is not in the least that there's any sort of problem with this guy. He's just not at all what I'd think of as my "type."