Sunday, August 26, 2007

For example:

I got a message from a guy via a personals site last night. I was psyched, because he almost sounded like my doppelganger. Educator, my age, my city, huge garden, into birds, two dogs, finds me lovely and interesting, knows what to say to get my attention ("I have figs!"), and not bad looking.


But then from his second message I had to rethink my first impression.

This is where I need your help in determining if I am doing any of the following:
a) Writing him off too quickly
b) having too high of standards
c) reading something that's not there.

The issue:

"I just finished my homework assignment and I seen (my emphasis) you replied."

He used "seen" in that way more than one time.

He's an English teacher.

The second message also had some other nuggets of info that made me hesitate. Nothing I can put a finger on though.

Feedback please, dear friends?