Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm not going in to work today, in anticipation of next week's spate of evening meetings and then a Saturday morning strategic planning session.

Why does 80ยบ F feel so hot to me? I get cold when I sleep in it, provided I'm scantily clad (typical in the summer) and have the fan on.

Today, though, I'm absolutely roasting. ROASTING. I'm also unsure of what to do to amuse myself. I've no plans this weekend other than to make a One Local Summer meal and to mow my lawn. And maybe gather up some boxes to make a new garden bed or two. I could use some mulch (something pretty) for my front yard, and I've got some plans to make a bed alongside the southern wall of my house. Oh, and I missed the Farmer's Market last week, so I want to go there, too.


Anyone have any ideas for fun? Anyone want to do anything* with me this weekend?

*Must be free or extremely cheap as I'm (as usual) broke.