Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Local Summer Week NINE

This is gonna be a quick post. I didn't write everything down like I should have, but I can recreate the goodness pretty easily.

Burger: ground beef from Meadow Lane Farm in Franklin County, NC. From the Durham Farmer's Market, so we know it's within 70 miles. I had been having some trouble with local ground beef (too coarse, thus squicking me out), so I was very happy this was a much better texture. The flavor, too, was just pungent. In a good way, that is. It almost approached lamb in its meatiness. Go figure!

Garlic in the burger from the market, too.

French fries (soaked in ice water and then double fried for crispness!). Canola oil wasn't local. Market potatoes.

Sliced tomatoes. I have no idea where these came from, to tell you the truth. Perhaps my co-worker. Maybe they're mine?

Fried green tomatoes coated with some kind of House Autry breader. Tomatoes are mine.

And here we have dessert. Frozen strawberries from Jean's Berry Patch and lemon ice cream from Homeland Creamery.