Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things that have annoyed me today.

In no particular order.

• Children who drive like shit, cut you off and laugh about it.
• National pharmacy chains that buy out other ones but can't seem to train their staff AT ALL for the transition.
• Drive through pharmacists who don't acknowledge you.
• Pharmacy lines.
• Insurance companies: this time it's how stupid they are. I take one med monthly that costs ~$90 full price. I pay $50 copay for it. Meanwhile, the $314 drug I take costs $25. I'm not complaining (now), but WTF?
• People who ramble off topic in meetings when you're supposed to be coming up with some results.
• People who try to turn every conversation you have with them into therapy*
• People who show up late for appointments.
• People who think that being in control of a group means yelling at them and "showing them who's in charge."
• Dump trucks who cut you off and speed, listing dangerously.
• Religious people who are perky while calling your peeps sinners.
• Not having a roommate yet.
• It being a few days before my one-year quit date and not having the funds to get myself a new computer like I promised. See above.
• Having native Spanish speakers be surprised that an AMERICAN can speak another language.
• Having native Spanish speakers (from Spain, even) say that the crap I'm speaking these days is SO SO SO GOOD! (It's all relative, I suppose. Perfectionism? Pshaw!!)
• Recognizing that I realllllllly need to get a handle on my fitness/eating quantities, but not doing much about it yet.
• Realizing that I'm being a perfectionist.
• Mulling over the WHY behind my recent non-compliance of the cig ban, though only when having drunk too much beer.
• Old "friends" who get in touch with you out of the blue after vanishing over a year ago. Two years? Dunno. Bad memory here. ("friends" in this case indicates some extra friendly [ahem] behavior having been attached)
• People who know you're in a hurry and working hard and yet say "I know you're really busy, but can you help me with this personal project?" (and they have a degree of power over you and so you can't say no)
• People who come to you to bitch about other people.
• Having to tell people to talk to the hand.
• Mold
• Sneezing.
• Home Owner's Associations
• New construction
• Not having time for lunch until 3 p.m.
(I keep coming back and adding more)
• People who deal with conflict by refusing to return phone calls. In a professional situation.

*I may be guilty of this at times. Not all times. This person CANNOT have a conversation with resorting to self-analysis and AMIRITE? validation queries.