Monday, July 30, 2007

Funny, that. OLS week 6 again.

I thought I was sick of tomatoes after that 60 lbs I processed this weekend. Apparently all it took for me to crave them again was day of sleeping and feeling vaguely oogy.

Dinner tonight was also local, and a little more impressive than yesterday's. So if you want, count this one as the One Local Summer meal #6.

Cream of tomato soup is one of those extreme comfort foods, and I went for it today. Lunch AND dinner. I improved on the recipe for dinner, so I'll give you that one.

--1/2 cup reduced tomato sauce. (Basically this is just pure tomatoes in their juice, reduced to about half of their original volume. Concentrated happiness, I think of it)
--one pinch of baking soda. (you heard me. Tomatoes are acidic. Acid plus milk=curdle. Curdle is vomit-inducing in the wrong context.)
-- 1 cup milk
--salt to taste

Stir together the tomatoes and baking soda in a microwavable, one-serving bowl. Add salt. 1/4 tsp, maybe? When the mixture stops fizzing (totally fun!), stir in 1 cup of good quality milk. I used Mapleview Farm (warning: moo) whole milk.

Heat through in the microwave.


This really showcases good tomatoes. There are essentially two ingredients plus salt and an anti-curdling agent.

Extra good with grilled cheese.