Thursday, July 12, 2007

Roly Poly

I get to babysit this cute thing again tonight! YAY! I hear the boy has chilled out some since the episode when I almost exploded. I've been advised of the evening routine, and Emily is even going to feed me.

Not that I need it. I've been really damn good at eating locally, which for me also corresponds to eating pretty healthily. Cause you know, convenience is so key in my world. Having a garden has made ALL the difference in my veggie consumption.

Lunch: insalata caprese, deviled eggs, cucumber/beet/dill/onion salad, dilly beans. Copious quantities of all of the above.

I have on a cute new black dress today. $7.49, baby. Unfortunately I didn't notice my underpants are sporting a big ole hole in them. Why I just told everyone that is beyond me.

Photo once again courtesy JRandalls Photography.