Friday, July 13, 2007


Beware. This is a rant.

I rarely get my dander up. It's not that I avoid anger entirely, but I have indeed realized that a strong display of pissedoffedness just doesn't usually get you anywhere. And it feels bad to be this mad.

That said, I FUCKING HATE health insurance companies. I've been getting denied claims (or rather my providers have) because my current insurers have decided that I have other health insurance! And that that insurance is PRIMARY!

I'm getting (nice) calls from my providers, who want to get paid, understandably, for the services they've already given me. So I called my new insurance company, who seem to think that it's a good idea to include both Christian and war-related imagery in their logo and name. The color they use to brand themselves is even facial warpaint related. FUCKERS.

They told me that I indicated that I had a different primary insurance when I applied. I did no such thing. I asked them to send me a copy of that application for me to verify, and they refused.

So I get to jump through hoops. FUCKERS. Health insurance has fucked me approximately 9,000 times in the past, denying claims and preying on my admitted weakness of not being 100% on top of things at all times. I'm sure there are those out there that would say it's my fault for making mistakes or not filing things perfectly.

I say to those people: FUCK YOU. This health insurance is paid for, and it's the health insurance company's responsibility to pay for my stupid expenses if I am covered. WHICH I AM.

Nonetheless, I now get to rustle up some obscure piece of paper that says I am no longer covered by insurance company #1. In theory, I was sent this information. I have every piece of paper I've received over the last 6 months, so if I received it, I have it. If I didn't receive it, which is just as likely as not, then I get to try to finagle a copy of the paperwork from a company that is no longer responsible for my coverage. I'm no longer their client, so why would they want to do this in a timely fashion?

THEN I get to fax that piece of paper, provided I can even get it, to the new insurance company. I also have to make sure I use the correct information, using mysterious specific wording/triggerwords/keywords/phraseology in my fax. Cause you know, most people have fax machine readily available. They can't just take my word for it. NO. I get to run the insurance company gauntlet. I'm sure they hope I just give in. FUCKERS.

And in the meanwhile, I am ultimately responsible for the expenses I have. There's nothing stopping the providers from sending collections after me, unless they happen to have warm hearts.

The system we have to pay for health care is more than flawed. It's immoral. Imagine if I were to need urgent/emergency care right now. I'd be treated. But then I'd be asked to spend months after my recuperation time jumping through needless hoops. FUCKERS.

I'm so angry I am on the verge of tears. Hey, that's how I react to all strong emotions.