Thursday, July 19, 2007

The nerve of some people

Yesterday I showed up to a weekly standing program, only to find a note on the door that said the group had gone to the movies. I called the adult's phone number that was left on the door, and they said the kids were on their way back and had left 15-20 minutes previously. Since the trip from where they were to where I was only takes about 15 minutes, I said I'd wait another 15 minutes and then would have to leave, as I was missing another important meeting to be there with them.

They didn't come within another 15 minutes, and I left. Kind of pissed to have wasted my time.

So this morning I get a message scolding me rather strongly for having left and demanding that I call each week to make sure I was really planning on coming. They had left the movies EARLY to be back for my programming, only to find me not there.

I bet the kids were terribly disappointed. At leaving the movie, that is.

How this could have been avoided: If you want to go to the movies when I'm supposed to be meeting with you, that's fine. Just call and let me know. I can reschedule. But if you're not there, don't expect me to wait more than 15 minutes.

The adult had also misunderstood something I had said on the phone (probably because the conversation on that side took place IN the theater DURING a movie). There was the impression that I had said that I had planned to leave early to go to this other meeting, thus shorting their kids of the programming. Not true. I went to the other meeting because their kids weren't showing up. I hope I cleared that up with my email explaining things from my point of view. That we have people not show up, and how that negatively affects the programming we can offer the whole community.

The one thing that I can see from the other side is that the adult did tell me they were on the way, but an extra 15 minutes made me think they had stopped somewhere along the way and could be further delayed.

But seriously, I don't see how anyone can get angry at me because they were late.

So why do I feel defensive?