Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nobody is!

I ain't some all-local, all-veggie eating girl. I'm just not. As a kid I always liked crap like twinkies more than my mom's wheat germ carob and raisin cookies. (Carob sucks no matter what.)

So I'm not perfect, even though I've been eating better these days. I've noticed that when I talk about eating local food, fresh veggies and the like, some people get a little, ahem, defensive.

No, not you. OTHER people I know. Of course I like people to like me, but I also want them to respect me. I'm about as open and honest as anyone I know. Or at least I try to be.
I've lost track of where I was going with this. (rolling eyes at myself)

The prompt for writing, though, was that today I've eaten:

  • 2 cups coffee with half-n-half and splenda
  • 2 HOT krispy kreme donuts, original glazed
  • 3 crispy taco bell tacos
  • 2 bags of baked lays, dipped in spicy queso
  • 1 large diet pepsi
  • 2 cold krispy kreme donuts (hey, at least they're local)

If you WANTED to, you could look up all that information and find out just how many crap calories I've had today. Please don't.

I think my point may have been something about currying favor by talking about not just the "good" choices I make, but also the "bad" ones, like today. Makes me more human. Or something.