Thursday, July 5, 2007

I don't feel like making sense

I've got a jumble of things going on in my head that I figured I'd spit out on a page here. While there is a loose theme (can you figure it out?), I am incapable of weaving any sort of transitions.


I got a gas-station coffee on the road and was floored at all the free add-ins they offer. Syrups, flavored non-dairy creamers...the works. This option in particular intrigued me. I picked up a couple, but didn't dare add them in without doing more research. I'll play around with it later.

Also gas-station related: the mini-marts that gas stations make their money on tend to carry local products, typically of the redneck variety. I picked up some deep-fried peanuts for Jamie and Nemoid. I didn't really like them. Besides peanut products, I also saw many local varieties of pork rinds. I have never been able to bring myself to eat them, and this was no different. As local as its ingredients could be, for example, I don't think this recipe will ever find its way into my kitchen. However, Michigan has some fantastic local beef jerky to be found in small stores, which I could eat for days on end. Not to be missed. I guess my point is to look for local foods in some of the more low brow areas, as well as the fancy* shops.

The Garden Journal Section
Um....came home to only 10 ripe cucumbers. I pulled out the dying-of-wilt yellow pear cherry tomato plant, and welcomed my first two REAL ripe tomatoes. Extreme Bush variety. They were sour, despite being ripe. Am saddened by that. Planted two new tomato plants I had been rooting from cuttings. Hope that works to make a longer season. Discovered that my non-hot pile compost bin gave rise to several grape tomato plants over in with the Zinnias. I love volunteers, so I'm not going to rip them out. That area does need work though. It's a big ole mess. There's also a very cute cantaloupe about 5-6 inches long hanging off the trellis that the plant has been climbing. The beets are looking fantastique, and lunch today was a tomato/cuke/onion salad. YUM.

*how do you spell [ʃi ʃi]?