Monday, June 25, 2007

impulse control


(waves furiously!)

I swear I'm not crazy! A little kooky, yeah, absolutely. Entirely open to the blog about things that are on my mind? Mostly. Not entirely, if you can imagine that, though.

Anyhoo, let's just stash that blip of horridness aside, why don't we? Chin up, cheerio, pull those bootstraps up!

(Yes, I have an appointment)

I had a thought this morning:

Savory bread pudding made from leftover pizza. Is there any way this could be done without being all soggy and nast?

Apparently the Carolina Hurricanes called my workplace, wanting to have a community relations opp or some such with some teens. The captain, according to my boss, who has season tickets, is single, cute, my age and has three kids. I'm thinking I'll be involved in this new relationship between our organizations!