Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...and witty and GAY!

I bought some pedicure implements today and did myself right up. Soaked the feetsies, trimmed the nails, rubbed the callouses off as best I could with torture devices, and then finally polished the nails right up like a sack of potatoes*.

They are now a pearly cotton-candy color. Very sweet and 5 year old.

I also depilated where necessary, and treated a minor chin blemish.

I have five books on tape (CD), way too many cucumbers to snack on, and nothing packed. I leave on my trip tomorrow and clearly I'm not going to be ready to go straight from work.

Hey Nemoid and Jamie! See you soon!

* "like a sack of potatoes" here is an intensifier. In this sentence, you could substitute "good." Blame my sister for its coining shift in meaning. Silly kook!