Monday, May 28, 2007

You mean you're not SUPPOSED to bleed?

Whoops. I just hit 'enter' instead of 'tab' to switch fields, and so as I write this the word's already out that I've posted. Except I haven't. Just the title.

Anyhoo, my lack of coherence is leading to another bulleted entry.

• No, I didn't leave my house yesterday. Why do you ask? (Not actually true, but felt like it.)

Supercompare is fun and the men are cute. A baby actually works in supercompare much as a puppy does elsewhere.

• My purchases at Big Lots are inspired and usually unplanned. Not the best place to go if you're trying not to accumulate things, because a) cool, limited audience items plus b) extra cheap prices = buying things you normally wouldn't. This, is one example, anyway. As I'd always expected, this is little more than a torture device. Maybe the armpits will fare better than the bikini zone has, though, as they are more accustomed to having the hairs ripped out by the roots than other sensitive areas on me are.

Taquería Lopez, which my friend Phil reviewed recently, hit the spot after Supercompare. The baby in my life chowed down on chicken and cucumbers, the mumma had chicken tacos and some homemade jamaica, and I ordered off menu, nothing major. Just veggie tacos. "I don't care what you put on them, but cheese and guacamole would be a good start." What I liked the most about the place was the condiments bar. On it was (at minimum): totopos, salsa roja, salsa rosa, nopalitos con rábanos, pico de gallo, fresh jalapeños with onion, lime wedges, cucumber slices and a number more sauces that I couldn't identify. Way worth going again.